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Water Testing

As mentioned, your municipality has a legal obligation to provide you with safe water (those on wells are not under this category) and publish their findings of what is in the city or towns water. This gives us and you a good idea of what is in your homes water and the best course of action.

We only use an independent and certified lab for water analysis.

This makes sure you are receiving the most accurate results and we remain neutral in the recommendations for your system based on the data, nothing else. 

Homes with well water (if they have not already recently been done) will need to be lab tested to ensure the proper results so the proper system and size can be designed for your home. 

DIY or at home tests are not very reliable, only test for a handful of items and often provide false data, especially with regards to water hardness and pH.  Companies that test your homes water on site with a kit are not providing you with reliable data and are using this test for showmanship and sales more than anything else. 
We have seen hardness readings off by by 40% with home test kits but when a company is selling you a $3500+ softener, that is in their best interest. (Keep in mind a softener does nothing to filter contaminants from you water)

Bottom line is to use an independent, certified lab for the most reliable and accurate results.

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