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Residential (Public Water)

Our filtration solutions for municipality water include several layers of treatment including whole house filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and water conditioners. Each system is configured to bring you the purest water possible.


Whole House Filter Systems (Public Water)

One flat cost that includes your system, components, fittings, piping & installation. 
These systems are for public water. Well water requires a different process. Please contact us to discuss. 

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Step 1: Choose Filter Base

Whole House Filter System

Central system that filters: PFA's, pesticides & herbicides, heavy metals, chlorine & chlorine by-products, chloramines, chromium 6, VOC's & hundreds of other contaminants. This will be the first component of your whole house water treatment system and is sized based on the number of bathrooms in your home.

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Step 2: Choose Softener or Conditioner

Salt Softener or Salt-Free Conditioner

Add on your choice of a water softener or water conditioner (salt free) to address scaling and buildup from hard water. These systems are designed to extend the life of your water heater, appliances and other water using utilities. Both systems work very well for dealing with hard water but operate in different ways. Please contact us for a detailed explanation on their differences.


Step 3: Add Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Add reverse osmosis to your whole house water treatment system. Reverse osmosis will have a dedicated faucet at the kitchen sink that further purifies the water for drinking purposes. Removes any residual contaminants and items like: fluoride, microplastics, nitrates and pharmaceuticals.

Solutions: Products

Whole House Systems (Well Water)

Wells have unique needs depending on what comes up on the lab analysis test. Common issues include: iron, manganese, sediment, hardness, arsenic and radon. We will custom design a system to treat any and all issues that show up on the results. 

Contact us to discuss your options!

Solutions: Welcome
Water purification filter equipment in p


We will custom design a system based on your wants and needs for your business. Solutions for: offices, restaurants, breweries, schools, hotels & more.

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