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Water Filter System Shrewsbury MA

Whole House Water Filtration - Shrewsbury, MA.

Shrewsbury, MA water filtration systems.

If you're looking for water treatment solutions for your home in Shrewsbury, you've come to the right place. Pure Source Water Systems offers filtration solutions for all of Shrewsburys water problems. 

Common and known problems with Shrewsbury water include: 
PFA's (PFOA,PFOS), hexavalent chromium (chromium-6), chlorine, chloramines, manganese, haloacetic acids, nitrates, radium, pesticides, fluoride and other heavy metals. In addition to chemicals, Shrewsbury has moderately hard water which causes scaling and build-up.

Our comprehensive systems tackle all chemical and aesthetic problems. Our solutions for Shrewsbury water quality include: whole house water filters, whole house water conditioners (salt-free), reverse osmosis systems and water softeners (salt based). The water that you are drinking, cooking with, showering with, brushing your teeth, etc has been filtered. Your appliances and water heaters will last longer. 

Don't just take our word for it...





Ready to fix your Shrewsbury water? 
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