Pure Source Water Systems Process

Here's the simple truth that other water companies won't tell you but we will. Your municipality has a legal obligation to provide you with "legally" safe drinking water. To do this however, they often use harsh chemicals to "clean" the water and while it may be legal for consumption it is far from the ideal water you want you and your family drinking and using. Legal does not equal safe. 

How the whole house filter for municipality water works:

Stage 1

5-Micron Pre-filter System - The sediment pre-filter system reduces sand, silt, sediment and debris in the supplied water down to 5 micron (20 times smaller than a human hair) in size. Routine replacement of this 5-micron sediment filter will increase the effectiveness and protect plumbing and appliances from excess sediment. With average use, each filter is effective for approximately 6 months.  

Stages 2 & 3

Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon Media. We utilize a high-grade mesh blend of catalytic coconut shell based activated carbon in the Pure Source Premium Whole House Water Filters. These media are designed to filter chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents and hundreds of other contaminants that may be present in your water.

Stage 4

Media Guard - Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media. Included is a patented bacteriostatic copper-zinc reduction oxidation media for the purpose of preventing and reducing the potential growth of bacteria and algae. KDF media is also very effective at filtering heavy metals.

Stage 5 

Carbon block post filter gives your water one final conditioning before your use. 

Stage 6
*Add on a salt free conditioner to reduce scaling and build-up.

Steps: Upon purchase, we require a 50% down payment to start the process and the balance at the completion of the install. We will bring your system components for initial preparation 1-2 hours ahead of the installation start time. Next, our expert, licensed and insured plumber will connect the system to your homes point of entry water line. After install, all faucets will be run for 10-20 minutes to remove air bubbles and ensure all previous unfiltered water has been flushed. Each home can be a little different but it will take between 3-5 hours to install your new system. 

That's it! Once finished, now every drop of water in your home has been filtered and is ready for your use!

If also installing reverse osmosis, we will connect the system at the same time. It will initially take several hours for the RO tank to fill. Once full, open the dedicated RO faucet and drain the first batch of water. Think of this as a rinse for the internal components of your new system. Once it refills, it is good from there to drink and use!


Have Well Water?

The process for your well will be very similar. Upon configuring your system setup, we will set an installation date. At this time we require a 50% down payment and the balance upon completion. We will bring your system components and parts 1 hour ahead of connection for layout and prep. Our licensed plumber will install your system then ensure it's working properly and leak free. 

Your well system will also include several stages of filtration as does the municipality system.